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Artificial Intelligence What is its impact?

Artificial intelligence is, without a doubt, a great step for the growth of industrial engineering companies and for the economy in general of the countries. Experts even believe that the industrial automation It will be one of the fundamental pillars of the new industrial revolution.

In this article we are going to tell you what the industry of the future is and all about the impact of artificial intelligence in different sectors of the economy.

What is industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a term used to characterize an organization of production processes based on both technology and artificial intelligence. It basically consists of digitizing the industrial engineering companies.

Sectors with the greatest impact

Artificial intelligence will have a greater impact in some specific sectors.


In the automotive sector, the integration of artificial intelligence managed to optimize the entire production process. It ranges from the assembly line to distribution. It also includes the design of vehicles so that they adapt to the demand of the population.

These systems allowed the quality to increase because they can detect all kinds of errors that the human eye cannot.

Retail sale

The public service and retail sector benefited from the arrival of Artificial Intelligence. The introduction of technology allowed assembly lines to be optimized for any type of product.

A key addition was predictive models that allow companies to better understand user preferences. In this way, they manage to optimize the ads and create efficient search engines.

Currently, the retail sector leads spending on artificial intelligence.


In the logistics sector, robots managed to increase productivity, mainly thanks to systems that pick up packages and packaging systems.

Smart warehouses represent great savings for large companies.

Within this type of infrastructure, repetitive tasks are automated so that human labor can be used in tasks that generate greater value.


Artificial intelligence allows the development of online diagnoses with greater efficiency and accuracy. Also, analytical capacity is expanded while overall process costs are reduced.

The software can easily detect different pathologies and at a higher speed than specialists. Thanks to this, the rate of adoption of this technology in the health field has grown year after year.


Our industrial engineering companies have managed to incorporate artificial intelligence into smart or automated homes. In these cases, AI is combined with the Internet of Things so that processes such as buying food or turning the heating on and off are determined by intelligent software.


Artificial intelligence has come to change life in society. Little by little it is becoming an indispensable tool for industries, at the same time that it has transformed traditional ways of working.

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